Vertical Axial Roof Fan

Galvanized sheet metal

Electrostatic painting

Aerofoil – sectioned aluminium blades

Adjustable blade angle for the maximum efficiency

Three-phased motors

Suitable to operate with frequency inverters

F300 and F400 temperature resistance

Smoke extraction design on demand

EN 12101-3 certificated

60 Hz option is available

Vertical Axial Roof Fan

Cvsair roof type fans are produced according to the EN12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. Motor insulation class refers to the maximum temperature that the motor can operate without stopping. With the H insulation class, fans can work at 180°C without stopping ( 130°C for B Class, 150°C for F Class ). Fans are made of galvanized sheet metal. With the help of zinc layers, fan parts become resistant to corrosion reactions. Electrostatic painting method, which is the most economic and qualified among painting techniques, is used in painting processes. With the specific changes of the wing structure, blades become aerofoil and high pressure zone is created at athe part of the upper wing surface. In this situation, static pressure increases. In addition, blade angles are adjustable for the maximum air flow efficiency. 

Three-phased motor are suitable to operate with frequency inverters. F300 or F400 heat resistance versions can be selected on demand and fans can be designed for exhausting polluted air or supplying fresh air. 


There are eleven different types of  Vertical Axial Roof Fans; CVS – RV – Ø400 to CVS – RV – Ø1250. For the version of CVS – RV – Ø400; voltage is 400 ( V ), power is 0,55 ( kW ), current is 1,27 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 2780 ( revolutions per minute ), airflow is 6000 cubic meter for hour. For the version of CVS – RV – Ø1250; voltage is 400 ( V ), power is 45 ( kW ), current is 84 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 1465 ( revolutions per minute ), air flow is measured 128000 cubic meter for hour. 

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.