Vertical Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Galvanized steel sheet casing

Vertical discharge with radial impeller

Suitable to operate with frequency inverters

Suitable to operate with speed control

Continuously operation at 120°C

IP55 protection class

Vertical Kitchen Exhaust Fan

External effects can cause the fan parts to wear out before their service life. For this reason, the fan body, parts and motor should be manufactured extremely durable. Cvsair kitchen fans are fabricated from galvanized steel sheet to protect fans from external effects. Zinc layer prevents chemical reactions on the fan surface. The fan motor is positioned outside the body therefore outside the air flow. All parts of the device are manufactured to be heat resistant to be able to work at 120°C continuously. Air flow can be controlled up and down thanks to the radial propellers. Fans are suitable to work with speed controller and frequency inverters.

The protection class of the fan is IP55 ( Ingress Protection ). The first figure in the protection class represents the protection against solid particles and ranks degree of protection. The second figure in the protection class represents the protection against moisture. With IP55 protection class, Cvsair Kitchen fans have protection against dust and low – pressure jets.


There are seven different types of  Vertical Roof Fans; RV – K 225, RV – K 250, RV – K 280, RV – 315, RV – K 400, RV – K 450, RV – K 500, RV – K 560. For the version of RV – K 225; voltage is 230 ( V ), power is 0,37 ( kW ), current is 2,5 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 2850 ( revolutions per minute ), airflow is 1320 cubic meter for hour. For the version of RV – K 560; voltage is 400 ( V ), power is 3 ( kW ), current is 6,50 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 1410 ( revolutions per minute ), air flow is measured 10500 cubic meter for hour. 

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