Rectangular Duct Fan

Galvanized steel casing

Suitable for speed control

IP54-class motor protection

Electrostatic painting

Thermal protection or silencer on demand

High efficiency impeller

Quick installation

Rectangular Duct Fan

Rectangular duct fans are made from high quality galvanized sheet. With the help of galvanized layer, fans become resistant to oxidation and become durable for a long time ( Zinc layer oxidizes faster then metal layers therefore fan component become resistant to chemical reactions ). Fan casing is highly resistant to corrosion. Devices can be used for air supply in the duct or can be used for polluted air exraction depending on its installation direction.

Devices can be installed vertically or horizontally. Installation process is very easy and it can be done very quickly. Thanks to the this quick process; time, labor and financial aspects are saved. Speed controller can be added to devices on demand and with the speed controller airflow can be bring under control. In this way, the ventilation process is carried out  more efficiently. Fans can be customized according to do client request with silencers.

Rectangular duct fans are manufactured in F300 ( 300 C° / 120 min ) and F400 ( 400 C° / 120 min) strength classes according to the EN 12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. There are four different versions of circular duct fans; D-50*25, D-60*35, D-70*40, D-80*50. For the version of D-50*25; voltage is 230 ( V) , power is 230 ( W ), current is 1,10 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 2450 rpm ( revolutions per minute ) and weight is 17 kilogram. The width of D-50*25 version is 500 millimeter, length is 565 millimeter and height is 315 millimeter. Air flow at 300 Pa pressure is measured as 1100 cubic meters per hour.

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