Metro Fan

Using subway trains in the big cities is extremely important for a better and healthier world. It reduces the traffic load and helps us to get rid of the damages it brings. In the underground railways, it is impossible to operate natural ventilation system, therefore mechanical ventilation is required. Mechanical ventilation provides the necessary air for humans, cleans the air in the tunnels and helps to quickly direct toxic gases in case of fire. Cvsair Metro Fans are produced for this purpose.

Metro Fan
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The first purpose of using metro fans is providing fresh air for people traveling by metro. Second reason is reducing the ambient temperature which is created by  people, trains movement or other machines. The last but most important reason is to evacuate smoke. In case of fire the sensors warn the fans to speed up and fans starts to direct the polluted air towards the end of the tunnel along the direction of the traffic flow. The fan system provides flexibility and ease of installation and prevents loss of time in maintenance and repair operations.

Cvsair metro fans and its components are  produced in F300 ( 300 C° / 120 minute ) and F400 ( 400 C° / 120 minute ) strength classes according to the EN 12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. There is a protective wire to protect the motor and the device from particles at suction side and integrated covers for directing the air efficiently at the outlet side. The devices are equipped with a protective coating layer and terminal boxes of the fans are also manufactured fire-resistant. Cvsair fans can work in both directions and are delivered with other parts in the body.

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.