Magic Box Fans

  • Galvanized sheet body structure
  • Compact design
  • External rotor motor
  • High efficiency fan technology
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Modular system
  • Ease of installation
  • Suitable for speed control
Double Inlet Cabinet Fan

Magic Box fans are manufactured using special steel sheets with a double-layer case design. The insulation material used in the products minimizes the noise level while operating at high efficiency. The heat insulation and low noise level required for energy efficiency and sound insulation are provided by the double-walled body. The outer layer of the fan is made of galvanized sheet, which makes the fan body and other parts resistant to corrosion. Magic Box fans are suitable for use in shopping malls, markets, apartments, mechanical rooms and many other areas thanks to its modular structure, sound and heat insulation feature.

Cvsair magic box fans are suitable for use with speed control and the products are designed to operate at different capacities for maximum savings. The modular system used in the production of fans creates great convenience for maintenance, repair and assembly. Magic Box fans provide high pressure and longer duct connection with its backward curved blade structure. The outlet side can be easily changed with a simple cap change on any side of the device.


There are nine different models of Magic Box fans; MBOX 355M, MBOX 400M, MBOX 400T, MBOX 450M, MBOX 450T, MBOX 500M, MBOX 500T, MBOX 560T, MBOX 630T

For more information about the products, you can take a look at the presentation prepared by Cvsair.