Exproof Radial Roof Fan

Horizontal flow

Steel sheet case

Aluminium impeller

Certified EN14986:2006 standard

IP55 motor protection class

Electrostatic painting

Exproof Axial Roof Fan

Cvsair exproof radial roof fans are manufactured from galvanized steel sheets for the maximum protection against corrosion, external effects and long service life. With the help of galvanized layer fan case become very durable and hardwearing. Non – galvanized metal surfaces  are oxidized by reacting with the oxygen in the environment and begin to rust. The zinc layer starts oxidizing before the metal and prevents the metal layer from being damaged so there will be no loss of strength. Exproof radial roof fans impellers are made of aluminium and certified according to the EN 14986:2006 standard. 

In the motor protection classes ( IP – Ingress Protection ) the first digit expresses the degree of the solid particle protection and the second number expresses the degree of the water protection. With the IP55 protection class, Cvsair exproof radial roof fans have protection against dust and have protection against low-pressure water jets. Electro static painting is preferred for fan painting. An economical and aesthetic painting process is performed by magnetizing and melting the powder paint parts.

There is one version of  exproof radial roof fan; RD – 200. For the version of RD – 200; voltage is 400 ( V ), power is 0,18 ( kW ), current is 0,75 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, speed is 1330 ( revolutions per minute ), airflow is 700 cubic meter for hour and static pressure is 30 ( Pa ). The diameter of the fan fan is measured as 200 millimeter, height of the fan is 517,5 millimeter, width of bottom part is 300 millimeter and the width of the upper cone is 407 millimeter.

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