Cabinet Plug Fan

Double wall case

Aluzinc cover

High corrosion resistance

Highly efficient plug fan technology

Heat and sound isolation

Modular system

Easy to assemble

Suitable for speed control

Light weight

Traceable power switch

Cabinet plug fans are produced using special steel sheets with double layered case design. The insulation material used on product has 40 mm width which reduces noise level to minimum while working at high efficiency. The necessary heat isolation and lower noise level for the energy efficiency and sound isolation provided by the rock wool layer between the cases. External layer of the fan is covered with aluzinc which makes the fan corrossion resistable.  Cabinet plug fans are used where comfort type ventilation is needed; places like skyscrapers, resideces, sport halls, office areas and such places.

Products are suitable for use with frequency invertors and devices can be adjusted to operate in different capacities for maximum savings. The fan case and impellers are made from high resistance aluminum metal for trouble-free service life. Modular system used in the production of fans provide great convenience for maintenance, repair or assembling. Plug fans provide high pressure and longer duct connection with backwards curved impeller. Outlet side can be changed easily with a simple cover change to any side of the device.

There are five different versions of cabinet plug fans; BOX 450 400, BOX 500, BOX 560, BOX 630, BOX 710. For the version of BOX  400; voltage is 230 / 380 ( V ), power is 1,1 ( kW ), current is 7,5 / 2,6 ( A ), frequency is 50 Hz, airflow is 7000 cubic meter for hour. Air flow at 300 Pa pressure is measured as 5600 cubic meters per hour.

For more information about the products, please check out the presentation prepared by Cvsair.